Hello! I'm Becca Dye, a Graphic Designer, Hand-Letterer, and Fiber Artist born and raised in Utah. Out of high school, I studied Fine Art at Snow College where I got my Associates in 2014. There, I focused primarily on life drawing with charcoal. I then went on to study Graphic Design at USU. There, I studied the Adobe Creative Cloud suite while extensively researching typography, brand identity, packaging design, editorial layouts and more. I also created two of my very own typefaces from start to finish which helped me find my love for typography and hand-lettering.​​​​​​​

While at USU, I got my first in-house Graphic Design Job at LetterPress Software. There, I focused on interactive UI/UX design for online training programs. I designed sales training programs for furniture companies like Cozzia and O.W. Lee. I created a new online interactive timeline project for a college course called "Growing A Nation" to teach students about the history of the USDA. I was also given the opportunity to design a multiple lesson course for the 4-H program to help onboard new counselors.

I graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design at USU in 2017 and moved to my husband's home town, where I decided to market myself as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Hand-Lettering Artist. At the end of 2019, I joined a marketing team called Duo Marketing Group. Here, I have been working with new clients like SE Needham, Logan River Academy, and various Utah-based real estate agencies and medical specialists. I help to create a wide range of deliverables for both print and web.

Throughout my years of creating, I have tried many different artistic mediums. I've dabbled in photography, book-making, drawing, painting, sculpting, web programming, writing, marketing, and now, macramé. I picked up macramé around the same time as the pandemic began. It started as a way for me to spend my free time but ended up growing into a side business which continues to grow more and more each day. My pieces were even featured on a Good Morning Utah segment highlighting local artists!


Realizing that many other people also want to learn the craft, I started teaching online macramé classes at Curious Mondo, a film studio and online art school in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now I have been recently contacted by the University of Utah and will also begin teaching regular online macramé classes through their Lifelong Learning program in January, 2022.