Chevron Pattern Macrame Wall Plant Hanger

This amazing centerpiece doubles as a macrame wall hanging and two plant hangers! The pictured plants and pots are NOT included so you can personalize it. It hangs from a shiny gold wooden dowel, to add a bit of glam to your room.


The pockets for the plant hangers each hold NO BIGGER than a 5 in. wide x 5 in deep pot. If you use a pot much thinner than 4 in., it may fall out. It is recommended that you use the same pots on both sides (or at least two pots that weigh the same), so that the piece stays nicely balanced.


The whole piece measures 36 in. wide (the dowel), and 36 in. long.


NOTE: Please secure this piece from a very stable place, preferrably into a stud with a screw to ensure the piece does not fall. If you notice any places this piece may begin to look weak or insecure, immediately remove it from your wall and contact me. ( By purchasing this piece, you are liable for any possible damage or injury it may cause.

Chevron Pattern Macrame Wall Plant Hanger

  • If needed, spot clean with a clean, damp cloth or dust gently.

    For pieces with fringe, you will probably need to comb it out occasionally. Grab the top knot of the fringe securely, and gently detangle with a hair comb from the bottom of the fringe to the top. Optional to spray with hair spray or fabric stiffener to keep it more in place.

    If you have any problems with your product (example, it arrives broken, or breaks shortly after arriving), please be sure to contact me: I am happy to work with you and make things right!