Rusty Metal Macrame Wall Hanging

What a unique piece! This one hangs from a found rusted piece of metal which may have come from an old antique tractor. The sandy/rust and black macrame striped diamond pattern creates a modern vibe while also looking very eclectic and retro!


Measures about 14.5 in. wide (the pole) by 23 in. long.

Rusty Metal Macrame Wall Hanging

  • If needed, spot clean with a clean, damp cloth or dust gently.

    For pieces with fringe, you will probably need to comb it out occasionally. Grab the top knot of the fringe securely, and gently detangle with a hair comb from the bottom of the fringe to the top. Optional to spray with hair spray or fabric stiffener to keep it more in place.

    If you have any problems with your product (example, it arrives broke